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Man Struck in Face by Grinding Wheel Suffers Head Injury

A man who was struck in the face by a metal grinding wheel is reported to have suffered head injuries.

The unnamed agency worker was working for a metal component manufacturer in Lincoln. He was using a hand-held grinder when the accident happened in October 2010.

Whilst using the grinder, the grinding wheel itself broke off and went straight through his visor and into his face. He suffered extremely serious injuries in the incident, including a fractured skull. The man also had to undergo a five hour long operation to have a piece of bone removed as it was touching his brain. Thankfully he has now recovered enough that he is able to return to work.

The HSE investigated the accident and found that the likely cause was that the grinder had been fitted with a defective grinding wheel. It also concluded that this defect may have been spotted before the accident if the man had received adequate training and supervision.

The metal components company – Wyman-Gordon Ltd – has been fined £16,500 this month. This was after they admitted to breaking health and safety legislation in regards to the accident.

A HSE inspector stressed the importance of hand-held metal grinder operators being able to identify defects in grinding wheels.

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