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Man Sues after Suffering Cut Finger in Swimming Pool Showers

A man is reported to be suing after suffering a cut finger in the showers of a swimming pool.

The unnamed 48 year old was at the swimming pool at Barrhead Sports Centre with his young son at the time of the incident. Whilst they were showing in the pool area, the man suffered a cut to his finger.

The Paisley Daily Express reports that the metal bracket that holds the shower pipes to the wall had come loose. This meant that when he pressed the shower button in, his finger got jammed and sliced open.

Staff at the centre gave the man first aid on his cut. It was cleaned up and the wound was bandaged. However, just days later, the wound had caused an infection that saw him rushed to hospital.

Hospital staff told the man that the infection was cellulitis and had spread to his eye through his bloodstream. This left him without vision in one eye whilst the infection was treated.

The paper reports that the man is now suing the council responsible for the centre, seeking compensation for the swimming pool accident. They claim that he decided to take legal action after finding out that a similar incident had happened in the showers before his accident. However, it is alleged that measures had not then been taken to fix the defective bracket.

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