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Man Sues Cosmetic Surgeon after Nose Op leaves Scarring

A man has successfully sued a cosmetic surgeon after an operation on his nose left significant scarring.

Carl Egonu underwent the procedure at Nuffield Hospital in Plymouth back in 2006. The former rugby player underwent a private consultation with Dr Adeshola Adeniran. His nose had been injured several times during his rugby playing days, and he wanted to know whether the shape of his nose could be changed to make it more streamlined.

Mr Egonu underwent the cosmetic procedure but was left with a dark patch-like scar on the top of his nose. This scar is darker than the surrounding skin and will be there for the rest of his life, as a skin graft is not possible.

The Plymouth Herald reports that Mr Egonu made a cosmetic surgery claim because of this and has just received £26,000 compensation as a result. His legal team argued that he was not adequately warned about the potential risks of the procedure.

These risks included a higher risk of “hyper-pigmented” scarring due to the darker colour of Mr Egonu’s skin. Lawyers for Dr Adeniran denied giving inadequate warnings and took the case to the Appeal Court in London, after a county court had already ruled in Mr Egonu’s favour.

However, the Appeal Court agreed with the county court ruling and the award of £26,000 to Mr Egonu. It was stated that there was consistent evidence that Mr Egonu would not have gone ahead with the procedure if the risk of scarring had been properly relayed to him.

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