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Man Sues for Compensation after Monkey Bar Accident on Team Building Day

A man is suing for compensation after being injured in a monkey bar accident whilst on a team building day.

Stuart Grant was working as a social care worker for Fife Council at the time of the accident in June 2009. The council had arranged for a group of its employees to go on a team-building event at Barry Buddon Army assault course.

In total, 16 employees were undertaking the assault course, which is run by the Ministry of Defence. The course consisted of 17 different obstacles, which the participants had to make their way across.

One of the 17 obstacles was a set of monkey bars. These bars traversed a ditch and were placed 8 feet off the ground. However, as Mr Grant was making his way across the bars, he fell off into the ditch.

Mr Grant suffered a knee injury in the fall, damaging and rupturing ligaments in the joint.

Now, The Courier reports that he is suing the council and the MoD for damages for his injuries. He is reported to be seeking £50,000, with his legal team arguing that he suffered injury because the ditch was only partially filled with water.

The case is ongoing.

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