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Man Thrown from Wheelchair in Accident caused by Dangerous Pavement

An elderly man was thrown from his wheelchair in an accident caused by a defective pavement in Liverpool.

Joe Johnson suffered serious injuries in the pavement accident recently. The Liverpool Echo reports that the 74 year old was crossing Green Lane – near the junction with West Derby Road – in his electric wheelchair.

The incident occurred when he reached the pedestrian island that is positioned half way across the road. One of his front wheels went into a hole in the pavement and caused his chair to overturn.

Mr Johnson was thrown into the road and lay trapped under the weight of the chair. Luckily traffic on the road managed to brake and swerve to avoid hitting him. He was helped up and taken to hospital where it was found that he had broken his shoulder. He also suffered numerous cuts and bruises to his face.

Mr Johnson tells the paper that he had previously complained to the council about the state of pavements in the area, but did not intend to take legal action against them. Other victims of the dangerous pavements have taken action however, with the Echo claiming a few years ago that the council had paid out £30,000 pavement accident compensation for falls on West Derby Road alone.

Mr Johnson is reported to have stated that he hopes his accident will send a message to the council about the unacceptably poor state of pavements.

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