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Man Trapped in Brick making Machine in Work Accident

A man’s leg was trapped in a brick making machine in a serious accident at work.

Nikoloz Demetrashvili was at a work at Michelmersh Brick and Tile Company Ltd in October last year. He was working on a brick making machine when it developed a blockage.

Mr Demetrashvili then attempted to clear the blockage by following instruction given to him previously. Firstly, he disabled mats that prevent access to the machine. These mats are pressure sensitive and switch off power to the machine, meaning that it will not operate whilst anyone is near it.

After switching off the mats, Mr Demetrashvili then climbed onto the machine to reach a tray that was causing the blockage. Although the machine was not in production mode, as the power was still on, the sensors on the machine were still active.

As he pulled on the tray, it accidentally activated a sensor, which caused part of the machine to rotate and trap his leg. He suffered serious a serious injury in the incident, breaking it in multiple places.

The Health and Safety Executive ordered the company to make safety improvements to the machine after they had investigated the accident. They removed the switch that allowed the pressure sensitive safety mats to be switched off.

Michelmersh Brick and Tile Company Ltd were at Southampton Magistrates’ Court this week charge with breaking health and safety and work equipment regulations in regards to the incident. They pleaded guilty and were fined £15,000.

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