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Man Unsuccessful in Electric Shock Compensation Claim

A Teesside man who was thrown 20ft in the air after suffering a massive electric shock has been unsuccessful in his compensation claim. Paul Tyrone Mann was just 15 when the he suffered horrific burns in the accident in 2001. He also lost his leg during the incident at an electricity sub station in Hartlepool.

Mr Mann had trespassed into the dangerous sub station to retrieve a football that had been accidentally kicked over the fence. His trespass involved scaling a high steel fence while jamming a piece of wood onto the spikes on top to prevent injury. Once over the fence he climbed up a 14 ft drain pipe on to the top of a transformer where he unfortunately made contact with an exposed bar.

Mr Mann’s legal team launched a compensation claim against Northern Electric Distribution Limited who operates the sub station. They claimed that the company were negligent in not doing enough to prevent unauthorised access. They claimed the stations proximity to primary schools and a local housing estate required the station to have tougher security than usual. However, Judges at The Court of Appeal in London rejected this allegation, stating that all reasonable measures to prevent trespassing had been instigated. The anti-climb measures on the steel fence – including razor wire – would stop all but the most determined trespasser it was pointed out.

If Mr Mann had been successful, he would have been eligible to claim a possible compensation payout running into the millions of pounds.

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