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Man Who Feels Drunk 24 hours a Day after Medical Blunder Receives £500,000 Medical Negligence Compensation

A man who feels constantly drunk because of a medical mistake has been awarded £500,000 in medical negligence compensation.

Iain Wordsworth was rushed into Rotherham District Hospital in 2005 with a heart complaint. Medical staff there decided to treat him with the antibiotic gentamicin. Unfortunately they gave him twice what is considered a safe dose of the powerful drug and this has left him with the condition ototoxicity.

The condition is incurable and has symptoms which are very similar to being drunk. Mr Wordsworth now sees double, has balance problems and dizziness which leaves him staggering about like a drunk. He now cannot work or even leave the house without his wife or children to aid him. When he is out, he is greeted by disgusted stares as people assume he is a drunk. Occasionally women think he’s groping them as he grabs onto them to steady himself. The irony to all this is that Iain rarely drinks these days due to his condition.

Mr Wordsworth started his compensation claim in 2006 but was ignored by the NHS Trust. However, after a long battle, he has finally been awarded £575,000 in compensation. Due to the NHS battle and prolonging of the case, the legal costs are thought to have spiralled. It has been argued that settling the claim earlier would have been greatly beneficial to all.

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