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Man who lost fingers in asphalt mixer received £10,000 accident at work compensation

A man who made an accident at work claim has been awarded £10,000 personal injury compensation.

The accident at work compensation was awarded after engineering firm Tex Engineering admitted they had breached health and safety laws.

Victim, Stephen Beare got his hand trapped in an asphalt mixer back in 2006, causing his four fingers and part of his thumb to be torn off.

However, it was not the first time such an accident at work had happened, as it was revealed this was the second incident involving the model of asphalt mixer at the company.

Mr Beare’s accident at work started when he went to test the temperature inside the asphalt machine. As he looked into the mixer he knocked the wooden batten used to hold the lids open inside.

He attempted to pull the wooden batten out, only to get his hand trapped inside the moving parts in the mixer. Subsequently his fingers and part of his thumb were severed underneath from underneath his glove.

In 2001, a man lost his hand in a very similar accident at work involving an asphalt mixer.

The Health and Safety Executive spokesperson said: “Tex Engineering Ltd did not adequately heed the warning from the first accident in 2001.”

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