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Man who Lost Leg in Cruise Accident Faces Holiday Accident Claim Battle

A man who had to have his leg amputated after suffering a cruise ship accident is facing a tough holiday accident claim battle to get the compensation he feels he deserves.

Ronnie Dunbar suffered his injuries while cruising off the coast of Belize. He and his wife were sun bathing on a sun lounger on the deck of the ship when he decided to get up for a drink. With no shoes on he stood up, unaware that part of the deck was a metal plate that had got so hot under the sun that he reports hearing his feet begin to sizzle. He quickly lifted them off but a layer of skin stuck to the deck and ripped off from his foot.

He was treated at the ships medical centre but things got worse on his arrival home. He was treated at Royal Victoria Infirmary burns unit on Tyneside where he was told the burn wounds had become infected. He was forced to have his leg amputated below the knee.

He now requires the use of a wheelchair, and is seeking compensation from cruise liner Ocean Village for his injuries. It was reported in the Newcastle Evening Chronicle about the legal battle that he is facing. Unfortunately Mr Dunbar’s solicitors dropped the case towards the end of last year, stating that they were unable to prove negligence on behalf of the cruise company. However, he has instructed a new legal team to take up the case, adamant that Ocean Village should have had warning signs in place about the metal plates.

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