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Man who suffered crushed foot injury received £25,000 accident at work compensation

A man from Yorkshire has been awarded accident at work compensation after he fractured his foot.

The thirty two year old received £25,000 compensation following an accident at work at the steel factory he worked at. The man was assisting a crane operator who was moving sheets of steel, when the steel fell onto the man and crushed his foot.

He had to take a lengthy period of seven months away from work while his foot, which was completely immobilised, recovered. Even now the man has been left with limited foot and ankle movement, and is likely to suffer considerable pain for three years due to what should have been an avoidable accident at work.

Accident at work compensation can be claimed when a loss of income has been sustained through an injury caused by an accident that wasn’t your fault. In this man’s case, his accident at work was caused by employer negligence, due to a lack of training received by the crane operator.

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