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Man Wins £2.3 Million Road Traffic Accident Claim after Horror Smash

A man has won his £2.3 million road traffic accident claim after a horrific crash left him seriously injured.

Nazer Ahadi was travelling along the A361 to his job at a bakery four years ago when his car was hit head-on. The driver of the vehicle was travelling in the opposite direction and trying to overtake a lorry at the time. Mr Ahadi was proved to be completely blameless for the accident.

Mr Ahadi suffered severe injuries in the crash, which have left him disabled. He sustained brain damage in the incident and it was thought that he would never walk again. Through grit, determination and a lot of rehabilitation he has been able to get back to his feet. However, he still needs 24 hour care and extensive neuro-rehabilitation therapy.

He received a compensation payout of £2.3 million with an additional £145,000 a year for the rest of his life. The money will pay for Mr Ahadi’s care and medical treatments as well as pay for his specially adapted home in Bristol.

Nazeer had come to the UK from Afghanistan as a lone refugee at the age of 13. He had been taken in by a local family and had grown into a valued and well liked member of the community. He had found work at Hayden Bakeries and moved into his own home. The compensation will help with the life changing effect the accident has had on him.

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