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Man Wins Mis-diagnosis Compensation After Wife’s Cancer Nightmare

A Cumbrian man has received mis-diagnosis compensation after doctors missed a tumour clearly visible on his wife’s X-ray. Stephen Clark saw his wife Fiona lose her tragic fight against Lung cancer at the age of 42 after doctors failed to diagnose the disease some 2 years earlier. Mrs Clark was first referred to West Cumberland Hospital in 2002 for an x-ray after suffering a persistent cough. Although this revealed an abnormality on her lungs, she was told that this was “nothing substantial” and sent home. Two years later Fiona was again referred to the Hospital after coughing up blood, and her new consultant informed the couple she had lung cancer. She soon after had to have two thirds of her lungs removed. Despite the operation and a bout of radiotherapy Mrs Clark unfortunately passed away in the August of 2004.

It was successfully proved that radiographers missed diagnosing the tumour on the first X-ray two years before her death. The tumour was apparently so clear that Mr Clark himself was able to spot it when shown the same X-ray two years later. If the cancer had been diagnosed at that time, Mrs Clark would have had a 70% chance of survival. North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust was found negligent in this case and reported that it had put procedures in place to stop similar incidents happening in the future. Mr Clark is expected to receive a six-figure sum as mis-diagnosis compensation.

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