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Man wrongly convicted for murder makes compensation claim appeal

A man who spent 14 years behind bars is looking to make a compensation claim for being falsely found guilty for murder.

Andrew Adams was released in 2007 and had an original compensation claim refused earlier this year. He is now taking his claim to the court of appeal, and is looking for a £1million payout to compensate for the amount of time lost behind bars.

Mr Adams, who was originally jailed in 1993 for shooting a science teacher, succeeded in his criminal appeal due to insufficient legal representation in his original trial, which impeded his right of a fair hearing.

However, his compensation claim on his release failed due to there not being enough evidence that there had been a miscarriage of justice.

His compensation claim will now come down to a decision on whether there was a miscarriage of justice, or there was a flaw in the original 1993 trial.

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