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Manchester councils award over £7million personal injury compensation to claimants

Recent figures show that Greater Manchester Councils have had to pay over £7million personal injury compensation to those who have suffered slip trip and fall accidents in the last year.

The worst culprits include Oldham, Salford, Stockport, who have all paid out more than £1million each to people tripping and injuring themselves on pavements that have not been properly maintained.

The largest individual payment was to a woman in Bolton, who received £66,000 personal injury compensation after falling over a sunken grid.

Despite this, many of the councils are saying they have seen improvements and reductions in compensation claims, as they impose tougher restrictions to find out fraudulent claimants.

Salford’s compensation bill in 2005 was £4million therefore this years figure of £1.7million is a huge drop.

Councils such as Stockport have made improvements to their pathways and road networks which has helped them to see a reduction in claims and gives them greater legal backing with people who try to make claims in these areas.

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