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Man’s Arm Mangled in Industrial Accident

A man has been left with a serious arm injury after an industrial accident involving a slatwall machine.

Christopher Davidson was using the machine in his job at Design and Display Ltd in Elland, Yorkshire. The accident happened in February 2011 whilst Mr Davidson was making large wall panels.

Mr Davidson had experience using the slatwall machine to cut wall panels and had even trained colleagues on how to use the machine. However, the machine had problems before the accident that caused the chain to come off the rollers.

The problem happened again whilst Mr Davidson was using the machine, and so the maintenance team were called to fix the problem. When the machine restarted, he tried to pull a piece of tape from the front of the machine but his arm was pulled into the mechanism.

Design and Display Ltd have just been fined £2,000 in regards to the accident and breaking work equipment regulations. The risk assessment for the machine had reportedly missed the gap in which Mr Davidson placed his hand.

It was noted in court that the company had a previously exemplary safety record in its 23 years of trading. The machine was regularly checked for defects and staff were trained before operating it.

The injury Mr Davidson suffered in the accident has left him without movement in his right arm. The Halifax Courier reports that he is making a compensation claim against the company.

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