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Man’s Arm Severed by Animal Feed Machine

A worker at an animal feed manufacturer had his arm severed in a horrific work accident.

The HSE reports that Christopher Brennan was working for manufacturers BOCM Pauls Ltd in September last year, when the accident happened. A conveyor used at the site in Suffolk had become blocked, and Mr Brennan attempted to clear it.

Whilst trying to clear this blockage, his right arm became entangled with the machinery. This caused his arm to be severed just below the elbow. The traumatic injury has left him unable to work since.

The Health and Safety Executive investigated the accident due to its serious nature and had multiple issues with the firm. Firstly, no safe system of work had been devised for staff to clear blockages. This was despite the fact that blockages happened frequently.

On top of this, there were no safety guards in place that prevented access to the unblocking hatch, and the isolator for the power supply to the machine was out of reach.

At Norwich Magistrates’ Court yesterday the company was fined £20,000 after admitting breaching health and safety regulations in regards to the accident.

A spokesperson for the HSE confirmed that safeguarding measures had since been put in place by the company following the accident.

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