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Man’s Leg Saved from Amputation by Leeches – Driver Wins Injury Compensation from Police for Causing the Accident

A truck driver has won injury compensation from the Metropolitan Police after injuring his leg in a roadside safety check.

Truck driver David Isitt was travelling through Blackwall Tunnel when he was stopped by Police. He was driving a tipper wagon full of hardcore to the recycling plant when he was stopped. The Police Officer in question declared to Mr Isitt that his load was unsafe, and this was strongly disputed. To prove his point the Officer asked Mr Isitt to stand on top of his load of hardcore and he responded accordingly. However, not helped by the fact it was a rainy day, he slipped off of the side of the truck and fell eight foot to the ground.

The 52 year old suffered multiple leg fractures in the incident and came extremely close to having his leg amputated. He was taken to Royal London Hospital immediately after the incident and underwent several operations. He underwent leach therapy to stop gangrene setting in and amputation being necessary. The leeches were put on a large flap of skin which was turning blue, meaning little blood was flowing. The leeches created enough blood flow to keep the skin alive long enough for the veins to begin working again.

The Police initially denied liability for the accident but eventually settled out of court in a reported six-figure settlement. The compensation covers the pain and suffering the injury caused as well as the loss of earnings Mr Isitt suffered while not being able to work.

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