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Maternity Blunders Cost NHS £420 Million in Compensation

The cost of paying compensation to mothers and children, who become the victims of NHS maternity blunders, has almost doubled in the last twelve months.

The Sunday Mirror is reporting that figures released by the NHS Litigation Authority (NHLSA), show that compensation payments totalling £423 million were made over the last twelve months, compared with just £235 million during 2010-2011.

Experts believe that midwives are no longer able to cope with the increased birth-rate, which now stands at an all time high and this has caused a sharp increase in medical blunders before, after and during child birth.

The NHS often has to make compensation payments running into millions of pounds, to pay for a lifetime of care costs, to children left physically or mentally disabled by medical errors during labour.

Mothers are also being left with long term or permanent injuries, due to a poor standard of maternity care.

Out of the one hundred and thirty seven maternity units situated in England, only eighteen have earned the highest safety rating, a spokesperson from the Royal College of Midwives stated that change would be hard to achieve without proper and sustained financial investment.

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