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Member of the Public Hurt after 15 Foot Fall into Excavation Pit

A member of the public was seriously injured after falling 15 foot into an excavation pit.

The unnamed man was visiting a friend at his house in Port Isaac when the incident happened. The neighbouring property was undergoing major refurbishment work at the time.

As part of this refurbishment, a large excavation had taken place in the garden of the property. However, the 15 foot deep open excavation had been left unprotected by the workmen who had undertaken the work.

It was dark at the time the man visited his friend and he did not know about the excavation. He accidentally fell into the pit, landing 15 feet below. The man fractured his skull in the fall and suffered a spinal injury and burst eardrum too.

The Health and Safety Executive decided that the reason for the accident was the failure of the company responsible for the excavation – HML Builders Ltd – to install edge protection. This edge protection would have stopped anyone being able to fall into the pit accidentally.

They discovered that no edge protection was fitted despite the fact that the excavation ran alongside a path that led to a chalet on the neighbouring property.

This month HML Builders Ltd have been in front of Magistrates in Bodmin and pleaded guilty to breaking Construction Regulations in regards to the incident. They were subsequently fined £12,000.

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