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Midlands Woman Wins Overdue Compensation Payout

A woman from Birmingham has received a compensation payout after a three-year battle with the city’s SnowDome leisure facility.

Single mother of four, Sally Morris was awarded an undisclosed amount after she was badly injured at the popular Tamworth tourist attraction. She suffered injuries to her spine and kidneys when another visitor’s toboggan ploughed into the back of her at full speed.

Mrs Morris was on a day out with her six-year old daughter when she was hurt. After taking a turn on the toboggan run, she ended up stuck in a crammed queue of people trying to leave the area.

Despite the clear dangers, staff continued to allow visitors down the slopes as normal, leaving her exposed to the full force of an oncoming toboggan.

She decided to issue a claim for compensation in July 2006 using a personal injury solicitor. At first the SnowDome refused to accept responsibility, declaring that their staff were highly trained and carried out detailed risk assessments.

After a three years disputing the matter, court proceedings were issued to the visitor attraction. Soon after, the SnowDome agreed to award her an out of court settlement.

Mrs Morris, who also lost her husband through illness during this period, hopes that her act of perseverance will inspire others to see through their claims for their entitled compensation.

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