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Midwife Wins Compensation Claim Battle for her Son

A midwife from County Durham has won a compensation claim battle after her son was left disabled at birth.

Sarah and Nigel Collier made the claim against Gateshead NHS Trust on behalf of their eight year old son. Sarah had undergone a trouble free pregnancy but there were problems during the labour of her son Joel. Joel’s heart rate dropped suddenly and forceps were used to deliver him. The delivery at Gateshead Queen Elizabeth Hospital took over an hour and caused Joel major distress. He had to be resuscitated as soon as he was delivered, and tests revealed that he had been starved of oxygen

Joel suffers from cerebral palsy and requires twenty four-seven care. The couple decided to make a compensation claim after receiving a lack of support for Joel’s care from the local authorities. After feeling that they had to battle for everything that they needed to care for their son, they decided to take action against the hospital. Durham County Council has expressed their unwillingness to comment on individual cases and the level of support offered.

Gateshead NHS Trust admitted liability early in the case after thorough investigations into the circumstances of the incident. They declared their hope that the money will help Joel live with his condition in the future. The court settlement will provide for the extensive care required for Joel.

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