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Military Compensation Payout Scheme to Undergo Independent Review

The compensation figures awarded to military personnel injured in the line of duty are to be examined in an independent review.

The review will be lead by former Chief of the Defence staff Admiral Lord Boyce, who now is a prominent campaigner for increased military spending.

It will look at how much compensation is awarded to injured personnel, and whether those amounts are fair and sufficient enough to support those who need financial help over a longer period.

Critics of the current system say the awarded amounts only take into account immediate injuries, and do not look at the effects or damages that a sufferer will experience over the course of their life.

The review follows a number of cases of military personnel appealing their compensation awards, including Marine Benjamin McBean, who served with Prince Harry in Afghanistan.

Mne McBean was awarded £281,150 after losing an arm, a leg and suffering a head injury and burns. He believes that the payout hasn’t taken into account the long-term implications of his injuries, which may in turn cause a deterioration of his health.

Service charities have welcomed the appointment of Lord Boyce, who is known for his willingness to challenge the MoD on their failures to properly equip forces in the field.

Admiral Lord Boyce said: “I am all too aware of the devastating injuries that our personnel can sustain while serving their country. I want to ensure that any scheme adequately meets the needs of those who have risked our lives for us.”

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