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Milk Firm Employee Suffers Fractured Skull in Work Accident

A worker at a Shropshire based milking company suffered serious personal injury, after being hit on the head with a steel beam.

The forty nine year old employee, who has not been named, was helping an engineer to install a new milking parlour at a farm in Derbyshire, the work involved fitting four steel beams, each weighing approximately 80kg.

Derby Magistrates Court was told that the experienced engineer had climbed up a step ladder and placed one end of one of the heavy steel beams onto a wall bracket but as they tried to lift the other end and attach it to the opposite wall, it slipped, causing the engineer to drop his end of the beam, which ended up hitting the other man on the head.

The new employee, who had only started working for United Milking Systems Ltd, the day before, suffered a fractured skull in the accident and had to take six weeks off work to recover from his injuries.

United Milking Systems Ltd, of Market Drayton, in Shropshire, was fined £7,500 and ordered to pay a total of £5,000 in court costs, after admitting a breach of the Health and Safety at Work Act.

An inspector from the Health and Safety Executive stated that the accident could easily have been avoided, had the milking company carried out a proper risk assessment of the work involved.

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