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Milkman Crushed by Milk-Float to Claim £200,000 Compensation

A milkman, who was crushed between two milk-floats, has launched a £200,000 claim for personal injury compensation.

The Croydon Guardian is reporting that fifty year old Trevor Wilson, of Coulsdon, in Greater London, was working for Dairy Crest, as a Franchise Support Dairy Supervisor at the time of the accident.

Mr. Wilson, who was forty seven when the incident happened, was working at the back of his vehicle, at the company’s premises in South Croydon, when another milk-float crashed into him, crushing him in-between the two.

He has now launched a claim for personal injury compensation against the driver of the other vehicle, claiming that he had been negligent by driving too fast and failing to take appropriate action to avoid the collision.

The exact extent of the milkman’s injuries have not as yet been revealed but it is understood that he has submitted medical evidence to the High Court in London, to support his claim for personal injury and loss of earnings.

Insurers for the driver of the other vehicle involved admitted liability for the incident in a letter submitted to the court, three months after the accident.

The exact amount of damages that will be paid will be decided at a later date but it is understood that Mr. Wilson is seeking £200,000 in compensation.

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