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Millions in Motorbike Accident Compensation for Pedestrian Hit by Motorbike

A pedestrian who was hit by a motorcycle as he crossed the road has received a substantial figure of motorbike accident compensation.

Brian Agard was crossing Lees Road in Oldham back in 2003. As he walked across the road, he was hit by a motorbike and suffered devastating injuries. His left leg was shattered and was amputated below the knee. Unfortunately, complications after this surgery have left Mr Agard blind and with brain damage.

Brian was a former player for Waterhead Rugby League Club and worked there as a coach at the time of the accident. The driver of the motorbike – Lee Marcus Horrocks – was later convicted of dangerous driving.

The Manchester Evening News is reporting that a settlement has been reached between the insurers of the motorbike and Mr Agard for compensation after a long seven year wait. The settlement has just been approved at The Royal Courts of Justice in London.

Mr Agard will receive a lump payment of £2.7 million along with annual payments starting at £128,000. The amount is so large due to the severity of his injuries, and to cover the costs of Brian’s extensive round-the-clock care needs. The Judge in the case praised the care and support that Mrs Agard had given her husband after the accident. Mr Agard and his family have now moved into a specially adapted home suitable for his needs.

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