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‘Millions’ in Work Accident Compensation due to Brain Injured Worker

A worker who suffered severe brain injury in a rare industrial accident looks set to receive millions in work accident compensation.

Christopher Kaye was hit in the face by a large metal fixing bar which sprang loose from an excavator as he was changing the large grabbing attachment. He needed emergency surgery but unfortunately suffered severe brain damage in the incident. He spent months in the Keresforth neuro-rehabilitation unit trying to recover from his severe injuries back in 2008. Despite this, Mr Kaye requires constant care as he cannot walk or care for himself anymore. He also struggles to talk.

The company Mr Kaye was working for, Euro Dismantling Services in Sheffield have admitted liability for the accident and have provided him with an interim payment of £500,000. This payment is to cover any expenses he occurs from the accident – such as not being able to work again – until the full amount of work accident compensation can be decided. According to his legal team, this is expected to be several millions of pounds.

His team successfully argued that instructions and training at the firm for using the heavy machinery were inadequate. While they admitted responsibility, the company still maintain that Mr Kaye was partially to blame. The family deny this but both sides have agreed that Mr Kaye will receive 90% of his full damages in return for not going to court.

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