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Miners urged to claim back unfair legal fees

Thousands of miners in the north-east of England are due pay-outs after being wrongly charged legal-expenses.

Approximately 150,000 miners are owed a total of £100 million after being charged for making compensation claims for work-related illnesses.

The lawyers took money off the miners whilst fully knowing the government were to subsidise the claims. Many have since been struck off.

Labour MP for Bassetlaw John Mann has called on colleague and business secretary Peter Mandleson to ensure that the miners get their money back in full.

Claims were made up to ten years ago, when the government agreed that miners suffering with vibration white finger (VWF) and emphysema should receive payouts for their injuries and illnesses.

Thousands of miners had been working in unsafe conditions, and were often using faulty, inadequate equipment for a number of years.

It is now clear that almost 90% of those affected have still not come forward to claim back their entitled money.

Mr Mann declared that the lives of the miners would be made much easier if they were to come forward, and would boost the economies of former mining areas.

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