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MMR Vaccine Compensation Claim Victory for Disabled Man

A man who was disabled by the MMR vaccine as a toddler has won his compensation claim.

Robert Fletcher was given the combined vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella as a 13 month old baby. Just ten days after the injection Robert suffered a severe convulsive seizure which has left him seriously brain damaged.

He has been left epileptic, incontinent and a frequent sufferer of seizures. The damage to his brain has left him unable to stand or talk. He requires constant care which he receives from his father and mother Jackie.

The MMR vaccine has long been a controversial issue after the now discredited former doctor Andrew Wakefield made claims in the late 90s that the injection was linked to cases of autism in children. It was later found that these claims were unfounded and he was recently struck off the medical register.

Robert’s family have been fighting for compensation for 13 years and have recently been victorious. The family first applied to the Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme in 1997. The scheme provides compensation to those seriously injured by vaccinations. However, this first application was not accepted on grounds that a link to his injuries and the vaccine could not be proved.

The family appealed this decision, and last week a medical assessment panel sat and decided that Robert was harmed by the vaccine, as the time from the injection to the seizure was too close to be coincidence.

Robert was awarded £90,000 in compensation, although his mother described this figure as derisory for the extent of injuries he has suffered.

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