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Mobility Scooter Accident Man Contemplates Injury Compensation Claim

A 60 year old man who was thrown off his mobility scooter by a hole in the road is contemplating an injury compensation claim. 25 stone Spencer Pindus was lay face down in the road for more than 30 minutes, causing the closure of the road in Romford, Essex. The pothole accident caused Spencer to suffer some injuries.

Mr Pindus needed stitches and hospital treatment after suffering a bloodied nose and bruising from the fall in South Street. He later described the incident by saying; “I was crossing the road when my chair went down a hole, just stopped and I fell out. I was face down, I had to wait 40 minutes for the ambulance to get me. There was so much traffic.”

The 60 year old former bus driver suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and relies on his mobility scooter to get around town. He is contemplating an injury compensation claim for the injuries and stress he has suffered.

Havering Council have now reported that the pothole has been filled. A spokesperson said; “The hole was immediately fenced off after the accident and has now been filled in. We are currently investigating exactly what caused this hole to appear.”

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