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Mother Claims £300k Compensation after Daughter Brain Damaged at Birth

A Leicestershire mother is to claim £300,000 in damages on behalf of her daughter, who suffered serious brain damage after being starved of oxygen during her birth.

Megan Hidle was born five weeks premature at the Leicester Royal Infirmary by emergency caesarean section but complications during her delivery led to her being born limp and floppy with no signs of life.

Her mother thirty one year old Rebecca Hidle, was initially informed by hospital staff that her daughter had died but thirty minutes later a neonatal registrar noticed Megan was gasping for breath and was still alive.

Unfortunately, Megan who is now five years old was starved of oxygen which led to her suffering with cerebral palsy; she also has a small head and requires regular medication to control her frequent vomiting.

Her parents launched a claim for birth injury compensation against the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, claiming that staff at the hospital had been negligent, which led to her daughter being starved of oxygen.

According to the contents of a high court writ, the NHS Trust has admitted liability for the incident but the two sides have not as yet, been able to agree how much compensation Megan should receive.

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