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Mother to Sue Health Centre for Compensation after falling into Coma

A young mother who was in a coma for ten days after suffering deep vein thrombosis, is considering a claim for compensation, against the health centre she believes were at fault.

Thirty two year old Caroline Doyle claims she was refused a home visit by the Craigshill Health Centre, when she contacted the surgery complaining of severe leg pains.

The mother of two, who has a history of blood clots, was told by the health centre that they would not sanction a home visit for what amounted to a “sore leg”.

When Mrs. Doyle’s condition continued to deteriorate, her husband Gordon decided she required hospital treatment and drove her to the local A&E department.

When she finally received medical attention, it was discovered that Mrs. Doyle had three blood clots in her leg, two in her head and one in a main artery.

During emergency surgery to remove the clots, Mrs. Doyle suffered a respiratory arrest and slipped into a coma.

She told the Scotsman newspaper that hospital staff had “saved her life” and for that she was extremely grateful but believes that if the health centre had sent out a doctor when she first became ill, her condition would not have become so serious.

Mrs. Doyle has written to the practise to make a formal complaint and is now considering taking legal action.

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