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Mother wins over £7m Compensation for Son brain damaged at Birth

A mother from Bournemouth has been awarded over £7 million in compensation, after her son was left brain damaged, when he was starved of oxygen during labour.

Thirty six year old Clare Scott gave birth to her first born son, Charlie, at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital in 1998 but complications during delivery meant he was starved of oxygen and suffered serious brain damage.

Charlie has been diagnosed with spastic, quadriplegic hemiplegic athetoid cerebral palsy, which means he is unable to eat and drink by himself, is not able to speak, cannot sit up unaided and will need round the clock care, for the rest of his life.

It is understood that during his birth, the umbilical cord became wrapped around Charlie’s shoulders causing it to be squashed and flattened, midwives in attendance failed to notice this problem for almost twenty minutes, which medical experts believe led to his brain being starved of oxygen.

Mrs Scott launched a claim for birth injury compensation against the Royal Bournemouth Hospital Trust, who manage the hospital and after a long drawn out legal battle she was awarded £7.1 million in damages, which will be used to purchase specialised equipment which Charlie requires and pay for his future care needs.

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