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Mother’s Fury at NHS Trust after Daughter Commits Suicide

A student hung herself just days after her own mother tried in vain to have her hospitalised.

Kelly Gladwell tried to get her daughter emergency attention after she admitted hearing voices. Mental health workers were due to contact Kelly on the weekend before her daughter’s death but failed to fulfil this appointment. On the Monday, Georgia was found hanging from the banister of her London home by her mother. Kelly cut her daughter down and she was rushed to hospital, where unfortunately she passed away the following day. It was admitted that instructions to make contact were accidentally wiped from a whiteboard.

Twenty year old Georgia was known to Camden and Islington NHS Trust for mental health issues since she was fifteen, and was visited by professionals twice in the week before her death. Her mother pleaded with doctors to admit her to hospital but they decided that she was not a risk to herself, despite the fact she had taken an overdose just weeks before.

Coroner Dr Andrew Reid recorded a verdict of death by misadventure in Geogia’s case. After the verdict at the Coroner’s Court her mother announced her intention to launch a civil legal action against the trust, demanding compensation for their negligence.

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