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Motorcyclist with Fractured Vertebra in £100k Compensation Battle

A motorcyclist, who fractured a vertebra in a crash on German roads, is in a battle for compensation of up to £100,000.

Steven Brewer, from Atherton near Bolton, was injured in an incident that took place in Germany during the summer of 2009. He was travelling on his Honda motorbike in the Cochem area of the country when he was involved in a collision with a Toyota Prius car driven by a Swedish motorist.

Mr Brewer suffered serious injury in the crash, fracturing his wrist as well as a vertebra. The accident also caused him to suffer from post traumatic stress disorder, and this has stopped him from going on a motorcycle since. The injuries have left him unable to return to work after the incident.

The Bolton News reports that he is seeking compensation for his injuries of up to £100,000. Legal papers have been submitted to the High court in London despite the fact that the insurers of the Swedish motorist admitted liability for the accident some time ago. The insurers do however contest the amount of compensation that should be awarded to Mr Brewer, and this looks set to now be decided at a court hearing.

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