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Motorist Seeks Spinal Injury Compensation after Crashing because of Smoke

A car driver from Welling is seeking spinal injury compensation after being involved in a crash because of smoke.

Gary McCann was driving down the M4 in Berkshire when the incident happened in the summer of 2007. The car in-front – driven by Robert Scott – suffered an engine blow out, bellowing thick smoke onto the road. Gary McCann claims that the smoke caused him to lose vision and hence lose control of the VW Polo that he was driving. His car accidentally rode onto the hard shoulder and overturned.

Mr McCann suffered serious spinal injuries in the crash, which required him to undergo surgery. He still struggles to walk, even with the help of a crutch. He describes suffering from crippling pain and loss of sensation, and has been forced to give up many activities he once enjoyed, including football and tennis.

Mr McCann is claiming compensation from Mr Scott after asserting his negligence caused the accident. He believes that he failed to maintain his car properly including checking oil levels. Allegedly the police investigating the accident found that the smoke was caused by a hole being blown in Mr Scott’s engine. This was caused directly by insufficient oil levels.

His legal team are seeking around £300,000 spinal injury compensation for the injuries he has suffered. This would cover the cost of rehabilitation and loss of earnings. The hearing is likely to take place towards the end of the year.

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