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Motorist Wins Hand Injury Claim for Petrol Pump Burns

Carl Kerr, who suffered substantial burns when using a leaking petrol pump has won his hand injury claim. The 68 year old from Barry, South Wales, was refuelling his car at a Morrisons fuel station when the accident occurred. The court heard how Mr Kerr had converted his Land Rover to run on LPG gas and was filling it up with the said fuel when vapour began leaking from the nozzle. As he tried to release the pump from the 4×4, the liquid gas flew from the nozzle over his right hand and arm causing painful injuries. The LPG gas when exposed to air is so cold that it causes burn like injuries to human flesh, similar to frostbite. The injuries caused Mr Kerr to take several months off work and required him to have skin grafts to his hand and arm.

Cardiff County Court awarded £17,000 compensation for the accident back in March 2009. This decision was upheld in the Court of Appeal in the last week as Morrisons continued to deny liability for the case. The Court of Appeal agreed that the supermarket chain was liable for not ensuring that the LPG nozzle was in a safe working order. It was noted in the court that two similar accidents had happened previously with the same pump. The problem had quite obviously never been fixed properly. The damages for the hand injury claim were awarded to cover any financial hardship Mr Kerr suffered because of the accident.

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