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Mum Banned from Contacting Soldier Son after Stealing his Injury Compensation

The mother of a wounded soldier has been banned from all contact with her son after being placed on bail accused of stealing part of his injury compensation.

She appeared at Southend Magistrates Court yesterday charged with pocketing nearly £11,000 of compensation that rightfully belonged to her son. Her son – Private Matthew Woollard – was severely injured while on service in Afghanistan. He suffered multiple injuries in a landmine explosion in Helmand Province. The injuries were serious enough that he had to have one of his legs amputated.

Private Woollard was on his first tour of duty when the injury happened back in 2007. He was hit by 160 separate pieces of shrapnel, and is only alive due to the emergency treatment he received from his colleagues. His heart stopped three times as fellow servicemen battled for his life. He has made a remarkable recovery and been fitted with a prosthetic leg. He was awarded nearly £200,000 in compensation to aid his rehabilitation.

Due to the extensive medical treatment that Private Woollard was receiving after the accident, his mother was given power of attorney over his affairs. She is accused of abusing that position and pocketing money that was for her son’s use only. The 43 year old was released on bail as the case was adjourned until the 8th of June. She is prohibited from making any contact with her son or any other witnesses as part of her bail conditions.

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