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Mum Makes Compensation Claim After 2 year Old Son Suffers Electric Shock

A mum is making a compensation claim after her two year old son was nearly killed by an electric shock.

Sarah Stone is suing Leicester City Council after a vandalised light near a block of Council flats caused the terrifying incident. Sarah had just left a friends barbecue when she stopped to fold up her pushchair. Two year old Tyler wandered off and a few seconds later Sarah heard him scream. Tyler had touched loose live electrical wires that were part of a vandalised light, and had suffered a 240 volt electric shock.

Tyler had burns on his hands and was rushed to Leicester Royal Infirmary hospital. Medical staff were amazed that the shock had not been fatal to little Tyler and put the miracle down to the thick rubber sole on his trainers. Although the shock blew the lights for the entire building, the rubber soles earthed the shock through his body. Luckily the ground was dry allowing this to happen.

Ms Stone is now claiming compensation from the Council for failing to maintain the light. The Daily Mail is reporting that residents in the block of flats allege the light was in that condition for up to a year before the incident.

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