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Mum Run Over by Drink Driver suffers Two Broken Legs

A mum suffered two broken legs when she was run over by a drink driver outside a pub.

Leanne Earp had been to a pub in Nuneaton when the incident happened in November last year. During the course of the evening she had been acting as a peacemaker in a row between two men.

One of the men in this row was 24 year old Lee Stubbs, who had allegedly been drinking. Miss Earp talked to Mr Stubbs to try and calm him down. He left the premises but later returned to pick a friend up, at which time the altercation with the other man continued.

Miss Earp was at the side of Mr Stubbs’ car talking to him, when the other man threw a piece of wood through the rear window of the vehicle. Mr Stubbs then drove off but in the rush ran over Miss Earp. He did not stop, and she was left lying injured in the road.

The Coventry Telegraph reports that Miss Earp broke both legs in the incident. She was in hospital for a month after the incident, and had to have metal plates and pins inserted in her legs and feet. The injuries left her in a wheelchair for six months, and she still has to use crutches to help her walk.

The Mirror reports that she is now making a road accident claim against the insurers of Mr Stubbs and his vehicle.

Last week, Mr Stubbs was sentenced to 18 months in prison after being convicted of grievous bodily harm in regards to the incident. He was also banned from driving for six years.

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