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Mum Threatens to Sue after Son is Electrocuted by Christmas Tree

A mum is threatening to sue after her young son was electrocuted by a brand new Christmas tree.

Sarah Allard tells The Sun newspaper about the incident, which resulted in her two year old son Billy being injured. The 36 year old had just bought a fibre optic fake Christmas tree for £30 from an Argos store in Worcestershire.

Ms Allard took the tree home and put it up in their front room. She plugged it in and switched it on to check that the lights worked. She then switched it off again but left the tree plugged in.

Two year old Billy then went to hang a bauble on one of the branches of the tree. However, when he touched the branch, he was thrown 6ft in the air by a 240volt electric shock.

He was rushed to hospital where doctors checked his heart as well as treat the burns on is hands and nose.

The family tell the paper that they are now considering taking legal action in regards to the incident.

A spokesperson for Argos stated that they are conducting an investigation into the product and stressed that they have “strict Quality Assurance processes to ensure that our products comply with the relevant UK and EU safety standards.”

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