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Mums’ Medical Accident Claim after 7 inch Forceps Left Inside Her

A 39 year old mum is considering making a medical accident claim against Alexandra Hospital, Redditch after a major surgical error. Donna Bowett went in for a routine operation on her Gall bladder but came out in agony afterwards. It was only three months later that the 7 inch forceps were found inside her body, left there accidentally during the surgery. After continuous complaining from Ms Bowett that “she could hardly move, she was in so much pain,” Doctors finally agreed to give her an MRI scan. Unfortunately the strong magnets used as part of the scan, attracted the forceps causing horrific pain as they tried to come through the skin. Only after this episode did the Hospital agree to x-ray Donna and finally discoverer the forceps.

Instances of medical instruments being left in the body are fortunately much rarer these days. Numerous checks are done in normal circumstances to make sure that every instrument is accounted for. These checks were clearly not done in this case however, and are the basis for Ms Bowett considering legal action. The alleged negligence of the surgeons means she is entitled to make a medical accident claim. When asked about the incident, John Rostill – the chief executive of Worcestershire NHS Trust – offered his apologies and remarked that such accidents are “extremely unusual.”

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