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Natural Theatre Employee Seeks £300k Compensation for Back Injury

A Natural Theatre Company worker is seeking £300,000 in compensation, after suffering a debilitating back injury which has left him confined to a wheelchair.

Fifty six year old Philip Martin, from Bath, was working for the Natural Theatre Company, at premises in Widcombe and was attempting to take two heavy speakers out of a goods lift.

However as he tried to manoeuvre the speakers, which weighed over sixty kilo’s and were being transported on a makeshift trolley, he began to feel pain in his back.

After visiting his GP he was prescribed pain killers and sent for physiotherapy treatment, however a couple of months after his initial accident he was diagnosed as having a compression injury to his spine and required surgery to remove fragments of bone.

He is now unable to stand or walk without assistance and is heavily dependent on his wheelchair or zimmer frame to help him get around.

Mr. Martin launched a claim for personal injury compensation against the theatre group, claiming that the company had breached a number of health and safety regulations and had failed to provide a safe place to work.

The Bath Chronicle is reporting that the High Court claim is understood to be in the region of £200,000 to £300,000 to compensate Mr. Martin for his pain and suffering and loss of earnings.

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