neck injury claims

Neck injury claims

Neck InjuryThe neck is very susceptible to injury in car accidents and slips, trips and falls.  The neck is the link between the brain and the rest of the body, and even the slightest knock can damage the nerves that travel down your back. Not only can this lead to loss of feeling and numbness, but in more serious cases it can also cause partial or complete paralysis.

This can lead to loss of feeling, numbness, and in the most serious neck injury claim cases, it can lead to partial or total paralysis below the neck.


Types of neck injury claims

The most common injury reported by people making a compensation claim involves damage to the soft tissue in the neck.  This is more commonly known as whiplash and can be caused by any sudden movements of the body, such as might happen in a car crash when the neck is thrown backwards and forwards rapidly. For more information on whiplash type injuries see our dedicated page all about making a whiplash compensation.

Catastrophic fractures that impact the spinal column are very serious injuries, and could confine a person to a wheelchair. Minor strains can also take their toll on the body, and as well as reducing movement, they can cause long term fatigue if left untreated.

Other neck injury claim cases we have dealt with for our clients have included dislocations or fractures of the bones in the neck.  In some cases, these fractures or dislocations have virtually no symptoms immediately after the accident.  People often find that their symptoms take days or even weeks to show after their initial accident. This makes it even more important that if you have been involved in a road accident or any accident which you suspect has caused an injury to your neck, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible before making a neck injury claim.


Neck injury Compensation Claim

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