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New Calls for Restrictions on Young Drivers

New calls are being made to place restrictions on young drivers, and the way that they learn to drive.

The Association of British Insurers seeks numerous radical measures to be introduced in what would be a major overhaul of how people learn to drive. They propose measures such as ensuring at least a year is spent learning to drive, and placing restrictions on night driving for youngsters.

Other safety measures they call for include restricting the number of passengers that can be carried in the first six months after passing the driving test.

The ABI goes on to highlight figures that they believe support their argument for changes to be made. They claim that an 18 year old driver is statistically three times more likely to have a crash than a 48 year old driver.

They also claim that drivers in the 17-24 year old age group are involved in 27% of road traffic accident claims that result in payouts of over £500,000. The payouts are so high in such cases due to the serious injuries suffered in them.

The Director General of the ABI stated that improving the safety of young drivers would also reduce the cost of motor insurance.

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