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New Government Scheme to Quicken Payments for Car Accident Compensation

Those injured on Britain’s roads are set to get their car accident compensation payments quicker under a new scheme. The new Government system is being put before parliament today and will be introduced from 30 April 2010.

The scheme introduces shorter fixed time periods for each stage of the claims process. Under the current situation, insurers have to accept or deny responsibility for personal injury claims suffered on the roads within 60-90 days. This timeframe will be greatly shortened so that they have to resolve their liability within 15 days. This is introduced to insure that the claimant gets any compensation they are entitled to as soon as possible.

The new scheme will only apply to road and car accident compensation claims for injuries valued between £1,000 and £10,000. However, these types of claims make up the vast majority of claims each year. The new scheme will therefore cover claims for injuries such as whiplash compensation. Such claims will be made even faster by the introduction of an online portal which will allow solicitors to share information quickly and securely.

The Minister for Justice Bridget Prentice stated about the new scheme that; “People do not need any more stress after being involved in a road accident. This scheme will mean that it will be simpler and quicker to complete a claim.”

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