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New Mirrors Aim to Cut Cycle Accidents in London

A series of mirrors are being installed in London with the aim of cutting the number of cycle accidents in the capital.

The ‘Trixi’ safety mirrors are being installed by Transport for London at 39 locations around London’s roads. Many of these will be on the new Barclays Cycle Superhighways, which are intended to give cycle users a safe and quick way into the city. The mirrors are placed at the height of lorry drivers cabs, on traffic lights at junctions. The aim of these mirrors is to cut the number of accidents which result as a consequence of a bike pulling up alongside a HGV vehicle on the left hand side at a junction. It is easy then for the HGV driver to not see the cyclist due to blind spots, and if the HGV then turns left at the junction, it can easily crush the cyclist under its wheels.

The mirrors will also be supported by a poster campaign which will warn cyclists about the dangers of stopping alongside HGV vehicles.

These moves come after a series of cyclist deaths in the capital. These include that of Ninian Donald, who was killed by a lorry turning left at a junction. 13 cyclists in total were killed by HGV vehicles in the last year alone.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has made the safety of his city’s cyclists a priority and has instigated several initiatives. He is working in cooperation with the Freight Transport Association to combat cycle accidents on the roads.

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