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NHS Trust pays out £41m for medical negligence injury claims

Poor maternity care by London NHS Trust has caused an increase in the number of medical negligence injury claims and also soaring compensation payout.

The increase in compensation payouts was revealed when an investigation into the poor maternity care in London found that the complaints and cases were costing the NHS Trust over £41million a year.

Some of the claims for compensation included cases where children had been children had been left with brain damage, cerebral palsy or even developmental delays.

The compensation claim payouts account for almost half of Londons total bill, which was £85million for the year until the end of April 2010

The Evening Standard is reporting there have been almost 300 claims launched against the maternity units of over two thirds of the maternity units in London’s NHS Trust in 2009-2010.

It was also found that 1,440 complaints weren’t lodged against over three quarters of hospital trusts.

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