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NHS Wales ban on personal injury claim adverts could cost £1million

The Health Minister for Wales has declared that she wants all personal injury compensation claim adverts to be removed from NHS organisations.

Edwina Hart has deemed it “highly inappropriate” for personal injury companies to be advertising their services within the confines of the NHS.

Ms Hart was reportedly disappointed with Cardiff’s University Hospital of Wales, who was still using leaflets advertising a personal injury firm, despite her written requests to withdraw all such literature.

However, the Claims Standard Council say that breaking contracts with personal injury firms could cost the NHS £1million in taxpayer’s money, which they state would be an “arrogant use of public money”.

CSC policy director Andrew Wigmore said: “I think Edwina Hart’s ignorance on this issue is breathtaking, she has directly put in jeopardy the right of her constituents to obtain access to justice by banning this service, her actions are fundamentally detrimental to the consumer.”

It has also been suggested that the Health Minister’s ban will make it more difficult for people looking to claim against the NHS in cases of medical negligence.

In response, a Welsh government minister said: “It is unhelpful and misleading to suggest people will be missing out on accessing information about such companies when it is freely available from numerous other sources.

The issue is not linked to clinical negligence in the NHS and in no way are we seeking to prevent people claiming what they are rightly entitled to if a hospital is at fault.”

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