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NHS Worker Receives £115,000 Compensation Claim Payout for Racial Discrimination

A tribunal in Cumbria has awarded Dr Sarina Saiger a substantial compensation claim payout for reported incidents of racial discrimination and unfair dismissal. During the tribunal it was alleged that Dr Saiger was told she was the “wrong colour and wrong culture” for Cumbria by the then director of nursing. Dr Saiger had been working as an assistant director of nursing at Carlisle and the West Cumberland Hospital, earning a reported £42,000 per annum. Having started her career as a nurse, she worked her way up to management level within the NHS but was consistently restricted from attending key meetings. Dr Sarina Saiger was later sacked from her post after complaining against her racial discrimination in May 2008.
The £115,000 was awarded as compensation to cover the 42 year old for loss of earnings and the psychological personal injury that results from verbal abuse and the distress of losing her job. The North Cumbria University Hospitals Trust apologised for the distress caused by the comment. As well as the payout to Dr Saiger the Trust was ordered to pay legal costs for the case, an estimated “£218,000.” “The Trust acted in a high-handed, insulting, malicious and oppressive manner,” asserted the Tribunal Judge Gerald Johnson. He added she had endured an “intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating and offensive environment.”

It was also revealed after the case that Dr Saiger had prevailed in several other cases against the NHS for previous personal grievances. These included a case of sexual harassment against a member of staff at Royal Bolton Hospital. The details of the compensation awarded in the other cases were not awarded.

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